Call Center

A great Call Center experience is the heart of our business.

For most people, "help" is the last thing that comes to mind when they think of a Call Center. That's just wrong.

The ORBIT Call Center:


Our friendly, talented Call Center professionals are located right here in the Twin Cities. They're part of the ORBIT team, which means they're familiar with your organization, your system, your issues.

Available and responsive.

The ORBIT Call Center 24/7, 365 days a year, ready for your phone call, email or voicemail. Typical performance levels:

A comparison of the responsiveness of the ORBIT Call Center.
Goal Achievement Percentage
Average speed to answer < 90 seconds 94%
Average speed to voice mail response < 1 hour 100%
Average speed to email response < 4 business hours 100%

Count on our professionals to pay attention to what you say, and to respond with information you can use, not canned answers that have little to do with your problem.

One person to deal with.

Our Call Center professionals continue to manage your issue until it's resolved to your satisfaction, even when other ORBIT experts need to be consulted. In other words, you don't get passed around. It's one person to deal with, one number to call.