Nick - Field Technician
"I want clients to come away from every interaction with me feeling great about their technology."

Our mission:
To be the best customer service organization in the world.

Our mission may sound lofty, but we embrace it 100%. We believe our clients deserve to work with IT professionals who are friendly, respectful and patient. Which is why we specifically hire professionals based on their customer service skills as well as their impressive credentials.

Our dedication to our customer service mission has resulted in a nearly 100% customer retention rate—an amazing feat in the IT arena. We've also won some pretty prestigious awards.

Local, available, engaged

Our staff of 55+, based right here in Minneapolis-St Paul, is available 24/7, 365 days a year and more. We're interested in our clients' IT. We're engaged.

  • We'll assign you a dedicated account executive, and a dedicated technical resource for the lifetime of your account.
  • We're onsite when you need us, with friendly, responsive support, training, and troubleshooting.
  • Count on us to actively monitor and manage your systems - so that we can respond to challenges before they're issues.
  • You'll enjoy patient, helpful training, including access to our popular online learning center, as well as handy materials, ongoing training with every upgrade, plus education around IT best practices.
  • We actually spend time thinking about how to align your IT strategy with your business objectives, and researching new ways for you to grow. You'll hear about our ideas at periodic meetings.
  • We'll have meetings as often as you require. We also hold quarterly review meetings (where you'll get to rate us on your satisfaction), annual surveys, and strategic planning sessions.
  • We'll be on hand to coordinate hardware repair with manufacturers, and to supply loaner desktops, laptops, network equipment, server equipment, spare IP phones, and more.
  • Naturally, our local clients who have offices in other parts of the country and the world enjoy seamless, engaged, highly personal (though maybe not in-person) service at all their sites.