In our clients' words...

Why ORBIT Systems
  • We chose ORBIT Systems because they have the knowledge and resources, first of all. We also feel strongly that the good rapport we have with ORBIT staff is important. Their staff is able to communicate with us. They go the extra mile for us and we realized their dedication to their clients. Agricultural Commodities Transportation Business
  • We based our selection of ORBIT on several criteria, including: capabilities, references, cost, and the strong desire to regain focus on our corebusiness. ORBIT's capabilities were highlighted when Microsoft selected ORBIT as one of 3 companies in the country to win recognition for its deployment proficiency based on a deployment proficiency project. Interior Design & Project Management Business
  • We were sold on ORBIT because of their customer service, technical abilities, and outstanding references. Telephone & Television Cable Contractor
Customer Service
  • When I call, the customer service is excellent. I get a response within minutes. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Bottled Water Distributor
  • The best part is having one phone number to call when issues occur, rather than contacting multiple vendors. Someone responds right away and they are very professional and willing to help. Candy Manufacturer
  • One of the problems we used to have was calling the hardware vendor and having him tell us it was a software problem, and then calling the software vendor and having him tell us it was a hardware problem, and we wouldn't get anywhere. With ORBIT's Call Center we've got one number to call and it doesn't matter what kind of problem it is. Law Office
  • ORBIT's on-site and over the phone support staff are very prompt and polite. I like dealing with the people at ORBIT. Healthcare Employment Agency
  • ORBIT’s Call Center has answered our questions very quickly and they stay on top of the problem until it’s solved. What a relief. Agricultural Commodities Transportation Business
  • Your support is unparalleled. Available, responsive, knowledgeable and polite. Thank you for making our lives easier! We appreciate it. Financial Services Company
  • Knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, and responds extremely fast to questions or requests for help. You are a great group to work with. Thanks! Bottled Water Distributor
  • You and your staff are a key part to our success! Wholesale Industrial Supplier
  • Unbelievable! I can't believe the level of customer service you provide. Vehicle Dealer
Peace of Mind
  • The service staff is very knowledgeable and I don't have to worry about the day-to-day IT needs. Non-Profit Organization
  • Your staff has been fantastic! Speaking personally, I feel that a weight on my shoulders has already begun to subside. Not having to worry about technology or wonder if I asked the right questions or received an answer I can trust has been wonderful. Non-Profit Organization
  • We chose ORBIT because we don't have money for an Information Specialist and we can't stand to have a system that's down. Security and confidentiality are key for our law firm and we're confident ORBIT is secure. Law Office
  • We wanted the peace of mind and added security from relying on an entire company, instead of a single person for our computer needs. Now we sleep a lot better. That's what sold us. ORBIT has proven themselves. Agricultural Commodities Transportation Business
Focus On Your Business
  • Our relationship with ORBIT gave us a tremendous boost of confidence as we approached our office move. We were able to focus on our business and not our IT, knowing that ORBIT would have us up and running. Thank you for all you have done to make it possible for us to do so much, so fast. Non-Profit Organization
  • One of the things I am most thankful for this year at work is having ORBIT handle our IT. It's made such a difference in so many ways. Thank you and all of your staff for all you have done for this organization. Non-Profit Organization
  • Thanks for helping to keep our company on track by ensuring our information systems are performing up to their capabilities. Our experience with ORBIT Systems has been a good one in all respects. Testing Lab
  • Thanks for your help - I know it's your job, but thanks for making ours easier. Wholesale Industrial Supplier
Smooth Implementations
  • We held an all-company meeting to discuss the implementation and it was unanimous... There were no complaints and everyone was happy with how it had gone. I can't believe how smoothly and quickly a change of this magnitude could be accomplished. Interior Design & Project Management Business
  • You guys came in and went to work…It was a flurry of activity. I can't believe the level of customer service you provide. Vehicle Dealer
  • I am amazed at how smoothly the implementation went. I was even more impressed with the people from ORBIT. They are not only technically knowledgeable, but very personable. Environmental Engineering Company
  • Your staff did a wonderful job and I could not ask for a better job. I am amazed by everything your staff did - everything is great. Vehicle Dealer
Strategic Guidance
  • ORBIT has gotten to know us and our business, and when they see something that fits, they suggest it. Agricultural Commodities Transportation Business
  • The individuals I have consulted with are very easy and wonderful to work with...Overall, a great organization! Life & Health Insurance Company
  • Have I mentioned lately... how glad we are to have you as our IT partner? Thank you! Family Planning Company